commitment to quality
Platinum Press is single-minded when it comes to quality. Every aspect of our business has quality as its core value. Each service and product offered by Platinum Press is supported by the most sophisticated standard operating procedures and electronic aids available to the industry. LEAN manufacturing principles are used to maintain flow, enhance quality and ensure exceptional services. Segregated and caged suites are employed at each manufacturing stage to eliminate the threat of cross-contamination. In addition, 100% Electronic Vision Inspection is engaged at each manufacturing step to ensure the product meets the exacting standards of the healthcare industry.
graphics and prepress
An efficient proofing and approval process is key to a timely product launch. Platinum Press employs numerous full-time production artists, as well as the latest comparator proofreading software and direct-to-plate technology to ensure quick turnaround and a quality product.
environmental stewardship
Platinum Press sources its paper from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers that conform to strict environmental standards. In addition, all waste products such as paper and metal printing plates are recycled by approved and audited recycling firms.
brand security / track and trace
Platinum Press has the equipment, the knowledge and the experience to make healthcare packaging the first line of defense against counterfeiting and supply-chain diversion. We offer multi-factor authentication using both overt and covert anti-counterfeiting measures. We also have extensive experience with track and trace serialization marking both at the unit and aggregate level.
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