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Serialization-Ready Printed Packaging Components for Pharmaceutical Industry

Serialization-Ready Printed Packaging Components for Pharmaceutical Industry

April 13, 2016

Pre-Serialization Prowess Includes Substrates and Printing Techniques Conducive to Meeting Track and Trace Mandates

Platinum Press offers a variety of serialization-ready printed materials amounting to ideal platforms on which to apply final track and trace data onto packaged pharmaceutical products.

In supplying a variety of substrates and printing options conducive to track and trace compliance, the printing company is a serialization specialist – one that employs the equipment and technology needed to help pharmaceutical companies comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)’s current and approaching serialization mandates.

By 2017, pharmaceutical packagers must include Data Matrix and human-readable track and trace codes at the unit level. The U.S. will require all Rx products to have a serial number and all homogenous cases to have a serial number. Although these items will not need to be associated or aggregated at that point, by 2023, full aggregation and supply chain data exchange providing traceability will be required.

With offerings including DataLase and Laser Ablation, Platinum Press has the equipment and technological capabilities required to produce materials fully prepared for final serialization, and has invested in coding and marking equipment ideally suited to the ‘parent-child’ aggregation of pharmaceutical products. Platinum Press offers multi-factor authentication using both overt and covert anti-counterfeiting measures, and has extensive experience addressing needs for track and trace marking at both the unit and aggregate levels.

“Platinum Press has the equipment, knowledge and experience to make healthcare
packaging the first line of defense against counterfeiting and supply-chain diversion,” said Andrew Vale, Senior VP of Corporate Strategy and Development.

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